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Happy Birthday to the one and only, 송지효!
Thank you for bringing me so many smiles and laughs these past two years!
I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to admire and be an avid fan of…
May you celebrate many, many birthdays more and stay beautiful inside and out…
With that said, I present to you the 12 shades of 송지효

08.20.1979 - happy birthday to our Haroro
Thank you for being the cute playboy who never grows up.

Ichihime month →  Day 3 “ Promise ”  

INOUE, I .. I will get stronger and next time without fail I WILL PROTECT YOU
  • Promise:  a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen.
  • Protect: keep safe from any harm.
#reasons makoto tachibana is the perfect man

I have mixed feeling about this pic :/


I have mixed feeling about this pic :/